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Donnerstag, 22. Dezember 2016


→ Sandra Good (Sister)
→ Manson Family (German)

Virginia "Ginny" Dixon Good is a US-American political activist, psychologist and cultural icon of the Hippie movement.

Virginia Good was born in March 5th, 1941. She was second of three sisters.
Her older sister was Deborah Good, her younger sister Sandra "Sandy" Good. Sandra was famous for her connections to the Manson Family and Charles Manson himself. 

Little Ginny (www.youtube.com; Gerard Jones)
Virginia Good came from a well-off but internally broken family of bankers.
She visited Point Loma High School und finished in 1959.
Family life of the sisters was overshadowed by the early separation of their parents. The father of them was a banker and had a very quiet personality. He left the family when Virginia was five (about 1946, there are different sources). The mother had a tendency towards neurotic appearance and liked to cara much more for political speeches than the education of their children. The education then was left to the Latin-American nanny.

Jill Clayburgh (Hanna K, Shy People, Ally McBeal, Nip/Tuc) 
Virginia Good applied to be very intelligent, but also very volatile and erratic. Later she had to go to psychiatric treatment for this. This volatile lifestyle could be seen through the many educational institutions, varying relationships and consumption of alcohol and drugs. Good at first went to Sarah Lawrence College for some time, where she met Jill Clayburgh and then to San Francisco State College. There she visited seminars about psychology, but only irregularly. She could only made her exam after the lawyers of her father put pressure on the college.
Virginia Good was considered intelligent but very leapfrog. Later she had to go to psychiatric treatment. This uneasy life was also reflected in changing training places, changing relationships and the consumption of alcohol and drugs. Good first attended Sarah Lawrence College, where she knew Jill Clayburgh and then the San Francisco State College. There, too, she did not attend events on psychology irregularly, and was only able to get her degree after her father's lawyers had put pressure on her. Virginia Good was interested, however, in seismography for the subcultures that arose in California in the 1960s, which then led to a hippie movement with worldwide effects.

Strike at SF State in 1968

Most of the information about her life comes from the biographical novel "Ginny Good. (A Mostly True Story)" by her temporary companion, Gerard Jones. He also claims that she was one of the first people to be called "hippie." Also interesting are reports of their recurring moods - particularly during the Christmas season - which he traced back to the separation from their father at the same time of the year. He also reports that one of her early relationships ended when she stole a construction vehicle, was raped by a policeman, and then abandoned by her friend when he heard of the rape.

In addition to his own notes and reminiscences, Gerard Jones also refers to the university newspaper "The Gater" of the San Francisco State College where she was mentioned in text and pictures. A photo of Virginia from highschool days is now circulating in the Internet.

MatrixFillmore 2011 on GoogleMaps

Virginia Good was also known to meet with bands, some of whom later became very famous. These included The Charlatans and Jefferson Airplane. Many appeared in the then pizzalades The Matrix, which was later transformed into a music club. Virginia Good also had contacts with Samuel L. Lewis, who was known as "Sufi Sam," Dr. Henry Bieler, who had a healthy diet and influenced the hippie movement, Hank Harrison, the manager of The Warlocks / The Grateful Dead and Founder of LSD-Rescue, to whose now famous daughter Courtney Love she watched and Ron Silverstein.

Virginia Good's sister, Sandra Good, took a more radical approach to the currents of the time: she joined the Manson Family, committed crimes, and went to jail for about a decade in the mid-seventies for murders of alleged environmental polluters. In the scene of San Francisco, Ginny Good often reported on the adventures of her sister Sandy. The Manson Family was initially considered an interesting counterculture project until it became clear that the group was responsible for numerous murders. To this day, however, it exerts a great influence.

Sandra "Sandy" Good on Garbage Run for Manson Gang/Family (center)

But Virginia Good did not manage to direct her talents and influence on people in order. Again and again her relationships ended in chaos and she had to go to treatment because of mood fluctuations, alcohol and drug abuse. At least, like her sister, she received financial support from her father.
In such chaos, her changing relationship with Gerard Jones, the later author of her biography, ended. For this reason, her CV from the mid-1970s is not so well known to us.

In any case, her life ended tragically: in 1982, Virginia Good died of an overdose of alcohol and tablets. The author Gerard Jones said that she often played with her life suicidally, but that death was more likely to have been an accident.

former page on Ginny Good at PLHS
(with comment by Tom Mason)

Gerard Jones: Ginny Good. A Mostly True Story (2004)
www.eviliz.com (In addition to the published material, the author has more than one thing, which has been influenced by our good relations with her.)

Ginny Good (Highschool Yearbooks; www.eviliz.com)

Ginny Good (Highschool Yearbook; www.eviliz.com)

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