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Sonntag, 13. November 2016


(Or: The predicted return of 80s haircuts.)

Donald J. Trump (Wiki, Gage Skidmore)

The US-elections are over. Donald J. Trump is now President(-elect) of the United States.

Many people are angry about that. Some are glad. And sometimes it seems like not all of his supporters admitted to have supported him.

But if we look at his perception there were three groups:

- one group was openly supporting Trump
- one group was strictly opposing Trump
- a third group thought, he is bad but one should not underestimate him
  and not underestimate the anger and motives of his supporters

And I am in favour of the third group. But one step after the other.


I am not pro Trump for several reasons.

1. He puts the blame for social injustice at foreigners and not at the own system and the own ruling class. This is a form of manipulation that is used very often and works well very often. But it's wrong.
2. He is used to blame others for his own faults. He fired campaign managers and advisers very often after he himself made mistakes.
That's a bad character trait.  
3.  He has got a quite loose stance toward foreign policy. He is sometimes in favour of this and sometimes in favour of that. That is very problematic for a superpower like the US.
4. Another problem of him is the quite loose stance toward the use of atomic weapons. But that's not a play toy!
5. Another problem is that he is attacking his competitors personally (bad look, piggy face, small genitals) like a child. That is a sign of an immature character, even if it's working sometimes for his campaign.
6. Another problem is that Trump behaves as if he was against crime. Many people like that kind of talk. But that's not true: Trump is not completely against crime! He is only against blue-collar crime, especially done by immigrants, but not against white collar crime. This is proven by his business contacts and that does not only mean Roy Cohn.
7. Many people blame him for being misogynistic. If that's the case, his stance would be bad. But to some degree in modern societies there is a trend to re-educate and to deform men. In this regard it is good that he doesn't want do adapt. 


Well, a very interesting point is that in the campaign many people made jokes about Donald Trump, his family, his advisors and his supporters.
And many people believed he could never win.

That's very dangerous. Even if you don't support his views you should never estimate a competitor that was so successful in the primaries.
If he was successful in business can be contested. He had a rich father. And sometimes he was successful and sometimes he just was saved by bankers who thought he was a too good brand to be "fired".

Even if Trumps statements are quite strange, aggressive and incoherent, one should see, that he is addressing some very severe problems:

1. In the US, the distance between the rich and the poor but also between the rich and the middle class has widened over decades and in an extreme way. This espacially hits the hard working lower middle class.
And not only that: The people who cannot take part in the growth of the economy still have to work more and more ours!
But if Trump could and would change that, is to be doubted.
2. People are very fed up with "the establishment".
But one has also to see, that it's an easy manipulative way to play the anti-establishment role.
Now we have to ask: Is Trump really anti-establishment?
In general, I would say no because he is rich and he is in a network of employers and bankers.
But since he was not accepted by the "old establishment" of society (entrepreneurs, bankers) and under severe pressure from his own party, you could say he is part of a faction of the establishment that is not liked well by other establishment factions. Some also use the term fringe establishment, but that term has a slightly different meaning. 
Still he clearly is not the man of the John-Q-Sixpack-people.

3. Trump is famous for building houses. And there we have the very important topic "infrastructure".
Even if he mostly did not build houses for poorer people you have to see the deficit of the political left here: They are often talking about equality or at least equal chances. That is an important thing but whether you are black, brown or white, male, female or something else, your need streets and bridges and other infrastructure. Mainly public infrastructure, unless you are super rich and can use your own helicopter or plane.
4. Trump is also benefitting of the mistakes of a left that abandonned the workers and took over more and more bad ideas of strange intellectuals.
That does not say that every idea mad by an intellectual has to be wrong, but some of them are weird and even surrealistic. 
One of these bad trends is a radical (almost religious) environmentalism.
It is good to preserve the environment, but it has to be based on facts and it should be gradual and in harmony with workers' rights.
If you for instance want an "energy (structure) chance" (Germany calls it Energiewende), you have to be very careful: You can get out of nuclear power, reduce coal and develop solar and wind power.
But you have to make sure that the "new energies" are efficient enough and that the infrastructure and the working force is adapting to them.
Don't forget that in many traditional power plants the trade unions had success in getting influence and in modern "renewable" and decentralized plants there is almost no trade union structure!
5. Another bad idea of strange intellectuals is the "over-anti-discrimination".
I mean by that that it is not about fighting a real discrimination but to make/construct a meta-world similar to religion and religious fights.
This means on the one hand that it is getting a fight over ideas far beyond the earth and that it is also accompanied by a strong war of words and semantics that does not help people who really suffer discrimination.
On the other hand it can lead to a situation were a certain group of society not only loses its former privileges but still has to suffer the stress belonging to its former privileged situation. This is the case for some white males.

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